Shearers take the lake!

Counting sheep might be a tried and true method of inducing sleep but there’s no time for kipping for the team over at Peter Lyon Shearing!

Here at Queenstown Water Taxi’s, we consider one of our most important duties to be delivering the incredibly dedicated Peter Lyon shearers over to Mt Nic during their peak season.

Peter Lyon Shearing, which have been operating for 25 years, is based in Alexandra, Central Otago, New Zealand and services wool growing clients in Southland, Otago and South Canterbury.

Peter and Elsie Lyon begin their day early. By 5AM, they are in their office slotting shearers and shed-hands into their respective gangs, as well as working out which gang will match with each farmer client. As they work, up to 150 out-of-town staff will flood in for an early feed of bacon and eggs – and by 6AM the first vans will have already left, to make sure they’re in place for a 7AM start at the wool shed.

When working at Mt Nic, they must be ready for pick up by Queenstown Water Taxi’s from the Queenstown wharf at 6:30AM ready for a full day of shearing. Once they are all finished up for the day around 7PM, Queenstown Water Taxi’s take care of transporting them back over to mainland Queenstown.

Peter & Elsie Lyon

The perfect climate for these Merino sheep is a dry climate making the high country South Island pretty epic conditions for them to thrive in. The wool is ultra-fine and ideal for clothing fabrics. Popular outdoor wear brand “Icebreaker” take full advantage of this and use the high-quality merino wool for their top-end garments. Although growing merino is a long tradition in New Zealand, previously most of the wool would be exported to countries like Italy and Japan but certain fashion changes mean it is now being used to create clothing designed here in New Zealand.

These hard working shearers are the backbone of the country’s multi-million dollar wool industry and even travel to countries like the USA, France and Australia during Winter months to compete in sheep shearing competitions!

Check our their website here.